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Upcoming events

    • 05/28/2015
    • 9:00 AM
    • Helena, MT

    The Montana Natural Heritage Program's Wetland and Riparian Mapping Center staff are the 2015 Wetland Stewardship Award winners!


    Congratulations to the many dedicated natural resource information professionals who have contributed to creating this MSDI Wetlands layer over the past many years.

    Celebrate this achievement with us at the 2015 Wetland and Watershed Stewardship Award Ceremony to be held Thursday, May 28, 2015 at the Capitol in Helena. Lt. Governor Angela McLean will be speaking as well as FWP Director Jeff Hagener to recognize this important work.

    Award ceremony schedule:

    9:00 AM: Award Recipients Presentations - Room 152

    MTNHP staff presentation between 9:00 and 10:00 am

    11:00 AM: Formal Award Ceremony - Old Supreme Court Chambers

    12:30 PM: Complimentary Celebratory Luncheon and Networking - Capitol Rotunda


    Please spread the word and invite your colleagues and others to the presentations, ceremony, and complimentary luncheon.  All are welcome; no RSVP needed. 

    • 05/28/2015
    • 10:00 AM - 2:30 PM
    • Helena, MT

    Montana Land Information Advisory Council Meeting


    Thursday, May 28, 2015 

    State Capitol Room 137
    10:00 am - 2:30 pm

    Click for more information.

    • 06/04/2015
    • 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
    • Missoula, MT

    Board of Directors Meeting (10 am - 3 pm)

    Missoula, MT


    Call-in Information:

    For more information visit the web page.

    • 06/09/2015
    • 1:00 PM
    • Webinar

    Free Webinar: GIS Considerations for Next Generation 9-1-1

    Tuesday, June 9 | 3PM Eastern (live) or On-Demand
    Sponsored by Intrado

    Raymond Horner, GIS Operations, Sr. Technical Project Manager - Intrado

    Free! Click here to register!

    Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) will bring many changes to 9-1-1, and GIS data is fundamental to the successful transition and implementation of these systems. The transition from tabular call routing to geospatial call routing will impact data management processes, considerations and personnel.

    This webinar will detail the specific GIS functional elements related to NENA i3 including the Spatial Information Function (SIF), Location Validation Function (LVF) and Emergency Call Routing Function (ECRF) and will also focus on GIS data management practices in transition to NG9-1-1. Topics include:

    • Essential 9-1-1 GIS terminology
    • Functional Elements within a NG9-1-1 System
    • Planning the transition to geospatial call routing
    • Data sharing considerations


    Can't attend on the 9th? Register now and you will receive access to the on-demand webinar archive.

    Webinar Access Info
    Dial-in and web-access details will be provided to attendees upon registration.

    • 06/22/2015
    • 06/26/2015
    • Denver, CO

    URISA Leadership Academy (ULA)

    Five Days of Targeted GIS Leadership Training...Taught by GIS Leaders

    ULA 2015: June 22-26, 2015
    Denver, Colorado

      Click for more information and to register.

      • 09/28/2015
      • 09/29/2015
      • Fargo, North Dakota

      2015 ND GIS User’s Conference

      September 28-29th, 2015 

      Holiday Inn in Fargo, North Dakota.

      Keynote Speakers:

      SJ Camarata, Director at Esri, and

      Alex Philp, President of GCS Research


      For more info and to register visit: 


      See you in Fargo!

      2015 ND GIS Conference Planning Team:

      Conference Co-chairs:

      Ann Fritz, ND Department of Health (afritz@nd.gov) and

      Eunsu Lee, NDSU-Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute (eunsu.lee@ndsu.edu)


      Steve Shivers, USGS

      Bob Nutsch, ND Information Technology Department

      Brad Rundquist, University of North Dakota

      Matt Fischer, ND Public Service Commission

      Don Schwert, NDSU

      Jill Peterka, UND Conference Services

      Gretchen Schatz, UND Conference Service

      • 10/18/2015
      • 10/22/2015
      • Spokane, WA

      53rd Annual GIS-Pro Conference in cooperation with the Northern Rockies and Washington URISA Chapters.
      Grand Hotel Spokane

      Spokane, WA

      October 18 - 22, 2015

      Click for more information and to register.

      • 04/04/2016
      • 04/08/2016
      • Great Falls, Montana

      The 2016 Intermountain GIS Conference will be held in Great Falls, Montana at the Heritage Inn. 

      • 04/04/2016
      • 04/08/2016
      • Great Falls, MT

      Download the full Exhibitor Prospectus to learn about all of your opportunities to Maximize your Visibility as a Sponsor of the 2016 Intermountain GIS Conference!

      You are invited to participate as an exhibitor or sponsor in this annual conference.  This conference is one of the largest GIS networking and professional development opportunities in the Northwest Region, and draws attendees from Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Washington, and the Dakotas - we hope you will join us!

      For even greater exposure during the conference, we are offering numerous sponsorship and advertising opportunities to fit your marketing needs.

      Participation in this event as an exhibitor or sponsor provides a unique opportunity to showcase your products or services to the GIS community and other industry professionals.

      Space is limited!  Don't miss your chance to join the largest gathering of GIS professionals in the Montana-Idaho region!

      Please contact Meghan Burns, MAGIP Past-President, at (406) 603-0216 or by email with any questions.  Visit the conference web site HERE.

      You may register online or by submitting the forms found in the Exhibitor Prospectus.

    Past events

    05/13/2015 NextGen 9-1-1 Focused Discussion Registration
    05/12/2015 2015 Spring Meeting Registration
    04/22/2015 MAGIP Board of Directors Meeting
    03/19/2015 Helena GIS Meetup
    03/12/2015 MLIAC Meeting
    03/09/2015 2015 FOSS4G
    03/09/2015 2015 Esri Developer Summit
    03/02/2015 URISA GIS/CAMA Technologies Conference
    02/12/2015 Flathead Valley Geospatial Group Meeting
    01/15/2015 MAGIP Board of Directors Meeting
    12/09/2014 2014 Montana Government IT Conference
    12/02/2014 MAGIP Professional Development Committee Meeting
    11/20/2014 Seminar Series #25: ConnectED Initiative and Montana Schools (Members Only)
    11/17/2014 2014 Technical Session: NON-Member Registration
    11/17/2014 2014 Technical Session: Member Registration
    11/13/2014 MLIAC Meeting
    11/03/2014 2014 Esri Health GIS Conference
    10/13/2014 NWGIS 2014
    09/22/2014 GeCo in the Rockies 2014
    09/11/2014 MLIAC Meeting
    09/08/2014 MAGIP Board of Directors Meeting
    09/08/2014 FOSS4G 2014
    09/08/2014 GIS-Pro Annual Conference
    08/21/2014 Seminar Series #22: Montana CATSPAW - Cadastral Administration through Streamlined Parcel Adjustment Workflows (Members Only)
    08/19/2014 WyGeo Conference
    07/27/2014 2014 MAPPS Summer Conference
    07/25/2014 Great Falls GIS Meetup
    07/17/2014 Seminar Series #21: USGS National Map Services / Singletracks.com (Mountain Bike Trail) Use examples (Members Only)
    07/14/2014 Esri International User Conference
    07/11/2014 2014 SCGIS Conference
    06/19/2014 Seminar Series #20: 3D Elevation Program (Members Only)
    06/04/2014 MAGIP Annual Board of Directors Meeting
    05/27/2014 MAGIP Professional Development Committee Meeting
    05/15/2014 Seminar Series #19: Using GeoPDF to get the most out of your GIS Investment (Members Only)
    05/15/2014 MLIAC Meeting
    04/27/2014 MAGIC 2014 Symposium
    04/11/2014 MAGIP Board of Directors Meeting
    04/09/2014 2014 Montana Library Association Annual Meeting
    04/08/2014 2014 AAG Annual Meeting
    04/07/2014 2014 Intermountain GIS Conference - EXHIBITORS
    04/07/2014 2014 Intermountain GIS Conference
    03/20/2014 Seminar Series #17: Trimble TerraFlex – Faster and Smarter Geospatial Data Collection (Members Only)
    03/13/2014 MLIAC Meeting
    03/10/2014 Esri International Developer Summit
    02/24/2014 GIS/CAMA Technologies Conference
    02/20/2014 Seminar Series #16: Basic LIDAR Applications and Analysis with ArcGIS 10 (Members Only)
    02/19/2014 MARLS Conference
    02/10/2014 2014 MACo Midwinter Conference
    02/09/2014 FutureView 2014
    01/29/2014 MAGIP Professional Development Committee Meeting
    01/29/2014 Esri Geodesign Summit
    01/23/2014 Flathead Valley Geospatial Meetup
    01/22/2014 FY2015 MLIAC Grant Application Criteria
    01/16/2014 Seminar Series #15: Using Tilemill and MapBox to Create Interactive Web Maps (Members Only)
    01/15/2014 Bozeman GIS Meetup 2.0
    01/13/2014 MAGIP Board of Directors Meeting
    01/09/2014 MAGIP Technical Committee Meeting
    12/19/2013 Seminar Series #14: National Map Corps Volunteer Geographic Information "Structure Updates for Montana" (Members Only)
    12/10/2013 Montana Land Information Advisory Council Meeting
    12/09/2013 MAGIP Board of Directors Meeting
    12/09/2013 2013 MAGIP Fall Technical Session and Montana Government IT Conference
    12/09/2013 2013 BHDMA Conference
    11/21/2013 Seminar Series #13: Military Munitions Site Remediation Using GIS (Members Only)
    11/20/2013 GIS DAY 2013
    11/14/2013 GEO-ENERGY-CYBER Huntsville Summit
    11/05/2013 CEIC Free Data User's Conference
    11/04/2013 Spatial Plexus
    10/27/2013 2013 National State Geographic Information Council (NSGIC) Annual Conference
    10/20/2013 Esri Electric and Gas GIS Conference
    10/17/2013 2013 MEA-MFT Educators' Conference
    10/16/2013 GIS in Transit Conference
    10/15/2013 2013 Watershed Symposium
    10/14/2013 2013 Northwest GIS Users Conference
    10/14/2013 Esri Health GIS Conference
    10/09/2013 NACIS 2013
    10/03/2013 GIS Meet Up - Helena
    10/02/2013 MAGIP Board of Directors Meeting
    09/30/2013 MAGIP Professional Development Committee Meeting
    09/23/2013 GeoAlberta
    09/22/2013 MACo's 104th Annual Conference
    09/19/2013 Seminar Series #11: Lewis and Clark County, Community Maps Program (Members Only)
    09/18/2013 Bozeman GIS Meetup
    09/17/2013 MLIAC Meeting
    09/16/2013 2012 GIS-Pro (URISA/NWGIS) Conference
    09/16/2013 Geospatial Conference of the West
    09/16/2013 6th Annual Economic Development Summit
    09/10/2013 2013 North Dakota GIS Users Conference
    09/09/2013 2013 MAP Conference
    07/18/2013 Seminar Series #9: Geospatially Enabling MTDNRC Water Rights Database (Members Only)
    07/08/2013 2013 Esri International User Conference
    06/20/2013 Seminar Series #8: ArcGIS Mobile and Trimble Positions with ArcGIS Server 10.1 - Using Trimble Positions Software Suite (Members Only)
    06/18/2013 Montana Land Information Advisory Council Meeting
    06/13/2013 MAGIP Board of Directors Meeting
    05/21/2013 MAGIP Spring Meeting
    05/16/2013 Seminar Series #7: US Topo / Historical Map Program (Members Only)
    04/18/2013 Seminar Series #6: Montana Climate Office - Overview of GIS products (Members Only)
    04/11/2013 MAGIP Board of Directors Meeting
    04/09/2013 2013 AAG Annual Meeting
    03/21/2013 Seminar Series #5: U.S. Interagency Elevation Inventory - A comprehensive On-line resource for known high-accuracy LiDAR IfSAR, Bathy, Topo and Hydro survey data (Members Only)
    03/11/2013 2013 Intermountain GIS Conference
    03/04/2013 17th Annual GIS/CAMA Technologies Conference
    02/24/2013 2013 National State Geographic Information Council (NSGIC) Midyear Meeting
    02/21/2013 Seminar Series #4: LIDAR Essentials - What is LIDAR, How can I use it, and technical need to know (Members Only)
    02/07/2013 Missoula GIS Users Group
    01/17/2013 Seminar Series #3: MLIAC Grants - What You Need To Know (Members Only)
    01/16/2013 MAGIP Board of Directors Meeting
    12/20/2012 CANCELLED - Seminar Series #2: The New Montana Spatial Data Infrastructure Web Presence (Members Only)
    12/03/2012 2012 MAGIP Fall Technical Session and Montana Government IT Conference
    11/15/2012 Seminar Series: MAGIP Website and Resources (Members Only)
    11/14/2012 MAGIP GIS Day
    11/14/2012 GIS Day (Nationwide)
    10/23/2012 Cenus and Economic Information Center Data Users's Conference
    10/22/2012 2012 Oil & Gas Pipeline Conference
    10/17/2012 MAGIP Board of Directors Meeting
    10/07/2012 2012 ESRI Electric & Gas Conference
    09/30/2012 2012 GIS-Pro (URISA/NWGIS) Conference
    09/20/2012 2012 GIS in the Rockies
    09/09/2012 2012 National State Geographic Information Council (NSGIC) Annual Conference
    09/06/2012 Montana Land Information Advisory Council Meeting
    08/30/2012 MAGIP Webinar Series (Test)
    08/20/2012 2012 ESRI Health Conference
    07/24/2012 2012 NW GIS User Group Meeting (ESRI UC)
    07/23/2012 2012 Esri International User Conference
    07/11/2012 Missoula GIS Users Group
    06/19/2012 MAGIP Board of Directors Meeting
    05/09/2012 Missoula GIS Users Group
    05/07/2012 2012 GeoAlberta Conference
    04/16/2012 2012 Intermountain GIS Conference
    04/16/2012 2012 Intermountain GIS Conference - EXHIBITORS
    01/24/2012 MAGIP Board of Directors Meeting
    12/06/2011 2011 Montana IT Conference
    11/16/2011 GIS Day at the Montana Capitol Rotunda
    10/27/2011 MAGIP Board of Directors Meeting
    10/05/2011 ESRI's "Extend the Reach of Your GIS" Seminar
    10/05/2011 2011 Montana League of Cities and Towns
    10/04/2011 ESRI's Dev Meet Up
    10/03/2011 2011 MAGIP Fall Technical Session
    09/25/2011 2011 MACo Conference
    09/14/2011 2011 MAP Conference
    09/01/2011 Montana Land Information Advisory Council Meeting
    05/13/2011 Missoula GIS Coffee Talk - GIS in Worldwide Conservation
    03/21/2011 Geospatial Rendezvous: 2011 Intermountain GIS Conference
    12/01/2010 2010 Montana Government IT Conference
    11/30/2010 Montana Land Information Advisory Council Meeting
    11/04/2010 MAGIP Board of Directors Meeting
    10/27/2010 2010 Fall Technical Session
    08/26/2010 MAGIP Board of Directors Meeting
    06/25/2010 MAGIP Board of Directors Meeting
    05/11/2010 Better Ways to Design and Share Maps
    05/03/2010 MAGIP ELECTIONS
    04/19/2010 2010 Intermountain GIS Conference - EXHIBITORS
    04/19/2010 2010 Intermountain GIS Conference
    03/09/2010 GISers of the Round Table User Group Meeting
    02/16/2010 MAGIP Board of Directors Meeting
    02/04/2010 MSDI Framework Stewards/Leads Workshop
    01/28/2010 Special Funding Meeting: Montana Land Information Advisory Council
    01/26/2010 2010 Administrative Boundaries Workshop - Missoula
    01/25/2010 2010 Administrative Boundaries Workshop - Billings
    10/21/2009 2009 Technical Session
    10/28/2008 2008 Technical Session
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