GIS Day is held on the third Wednesday in November each year.  Started in 1999, GIS Day provides an international forum for users of geographic information systems technology to demonstrate the applications of GIS and learn about geography.

GIS DAY 2019

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

GIS DAY 2019



Maps are due Tuesday, November 12 @ noon  


1st Place - $100

2nd Place -  $50

3rd Place -  $25

Each Winner will also receive an individual ArcGIS for Personal Use License 

from the Esri GIS Day Team! 

Please note that ArcGIS for Personal Use is valued at $100 USD and includes access to:

  • ArcGIS Desktop Advanced - One Single Use License
  • ArcGIS 3D Analyst
  • ArcGIS Data Interoperability
  • ArcGIS Data Reviewer
  • ArcGIS Geostatistical Analyst
  • ArcGIS Image Analyst for Pro
  • ArcGIS Network Analyst
  • ArcGIS Publisher
  • ArcGIS Schematics
  • ArcGIS Spatial Analyst
  • ArcGIS Tracking Analyst
  • ArcGIS Workflow Manager
  • ArcGIS Online: One Named User entitlement and 100 Service Credits



The MAGIP Community will vote on the web maps and apps!

Look for a link to vote on Tuesday, November 12 through the MAGIP List and on the GIS Day page

Winning maps will be announced on GIS Day

Wednesday, November 13 at Meetups and Online 


Hosting your own GIS Day Event?

MAGIP can help!

MAGIP Members can Submit a Request for Assistance 

for Monetary or Volunteer Support

For more info Contact MAGIP

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2012 ArcGIS Online Map Contest Results

  • 1st Place ($100): Watch Missoula Grow! - Casey Wilson
  • 2nd Place ($50): Lubrecht Forest Nordic Ski Trails - Michael Sweet
  • 3rd Place ($25): Land Cover Exploration After Forest Fires - Van Schelhamer
  • 3rd Place ($25): Missoula, MT Trails - John Driessen

2011 GIS Event

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