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Professional Development Committee

The MAGIP Professional Development Committee is responsible for organizing the annual MAGIP GIS Conference known as the Big Sky GeoCon. It also plans workshops for other times, and is charged with ensuring that the continuing education needs of the membership are met.

The committee recognizes the diverse nature of the GIS community, and is working to broaden the scope of services to to serve all levels of professionals from beginner to advanced.  The committee is also expanding the focus of professional development and continuing education opportunities to serve not just "GIS Professionals" but also "Professionals who use GIS".

Committee Chair: Brandy Holstein

Conference Planning

The PDC conference planning committee is responsible for planning the Big Sky GeoCon, MAGIP's annual GIS Conference


The PDC implemented a GIS Mentoring Program and activities that assist members with networking, skill building, career development, as well as troubleshooting GIS issues.  The MAGIP GIS Mentoring Program was adopted by the MAGIP Board in 2012.

GISP Certification

A GISP is a certified Geographic Information Systems Professional who has met the minimum standards for ethical conduct and professional practice as established by the GIS Certification Institute (GISCI). GISCI certification requires achievement in three areas: educational achievement, professional experience, and contributions to the profession.

Visit the GIS Certification Institute for information on:

  • How to apply and renew your GISP
  • The GISCI Geospatial Core Technical Knowledge Exam
  • Ethics and Reporting an Ethics Violation
  • Salary Comparison Information
  • News/Press Releases
  • Upcoming Events
  • And so much more!

MAGIP supports members in their achievement of GISP certification (and GISP Renewal) by providing a letter of support listing your personal involvement MAGIP Community to be submitted with your GISP application.  You can also use the request for assistance form to ask for assistance in reviewing your application.  MAGIP also provides GISP application review services at their annual Big Sky GeoCon.  

Fill out the Request of Assistance form to receive this member benefit!

MAGIP endorsed the GISP Certification in the spring of 2009. MLIAC followed suit in 2009.

GISP certification is not required for membership or participation in MAGIP.  The MAGIP Board of Directors and specifically the Professional Development Committee recognize the formal process of certification and encourage its membership to achieve a professional development GIS certification which: 

  • Allows its members to be recognized by their colleagues and peers for having demonstrated exemplary professional practice and integrity in the field
  • Establishes and maintains high standards of both professional practice and ethical conduct
  • Encourages aspiring GIS professionals to work towards certification for the purpose of professional development and advancement
  • Encourages established GIS professionals to continue to hone their professional skills and ethical performance even as GIS technology changes 

For a more information view Kris Larson's Presentation from the 2012 Technical Session.

To learn more about becoming a GISP and the certification standards reference the GIS Certification Institute GISCI  web page at: http://www.gisci.org/  or, contact MAGIP for additional information.

To contact the Professional Development Committee with questions, comments, ideas, or to join the committee send an email

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