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The MAGIP Seminar Series is a periodic outreach and education event hosted on the web and made available as a resource to all members in good standing. The seminar series schedule is subject to change and dependent on available content, member participation and time of year.  Seminars will be scheduled on the third Thursday of the month at noon.  Seminars will be a maximum of one hour in length.

Registration and Access

Announcements will be made for upcoming webinars on this page and via email to MAGIP members.  Due to web hosted service restrictions, webinars will be available to members on a first come first serve basis.  Members may register for seminars through the MAGIP Calendar or the links on the seminar list below.  Instructions for joining the seminar will be e-mailed to registrants.  MAGIP members may view recordings of past seminars on the Seminar Archive web page.

Seminar Rules

    • Please place phones on mute after joining the seminar
    • Seminars are being recorded.  Be mindful of this during the presentation
    • Please be courteous and provide the presenter time to complete the presentation
    • All questions should be held until the end of the seminar
    • An audio / video recording of each seminar will be archived for member-only access here

No Seminars are currently Scheduled 

If you would like to present a seminar, please email MAGIP

Please see the Seminar Archive for links to the presentations

Previous Seminars

Seminar 1
MAGIP Web Site and Resources

Presentation Date: November 15 2012
Presenters: Lee Macholz and Jason Danielson

Seminar 2

Seminar 3
MLIAC Grants - What You Need To Know

Presentation Date: January 17, 2013
Presenter: Stewart Kirkpatrick, State GIS Coordinator, Montana State Library

Seminar 4
LIDAR Essentials - What is LIDAR, How can I use it, and the technical need to know.

Presentation Date: February 21, 2013
Presenter: GeoCue

Seminar 5
U.S. Interagency Elevation Inventory - A comprehensive on-line resource for known high-accuracy LiDAR, IfSAR, Bathy, Topo, and Hydro survey data

Presentation Date: March 21, 2013
Presenter: NOAA/USGS

Seminar 6
Montana Climate Office Overview of GIS Products

Presentation Date: April 18, 2013
Presenter: Micheal Sweet and Jared Oyler, University of Montana

Seminar 7
US Topo / Historical Map Program

Presentation Date: May 16, 2013
Presenter: Kristin Fishburn, USGS

Seminar 8
ArcGIS Mobile and Trimble Positions with ArcGIS Server 10.1 - Using Trimble Positions Software Suite

Presentation Date: June 20, 2013
Presenter: Jackson Beighle, Electronic Data Solutions

Seminar 9
Geospatially Enabling the DNRC Water Rights Database

Presentation Date: July 18, 2013
Presenter: Jim Robinson, MT Department of Natural Resources and Conservation

Seminar 10
No Seminar - End of Summer Break

Seminar 11
Lewis and Clark County, Community Maps Program

Presentation Date: September 19, 2013
Presenter: Eric Spangenberg, Lewis and Clark County/City of Helena

Seminar 12

Seminar 13
Military Munitions Site Remediation Using GIS

Presentation Date: November 21, 2013
Presenters: Sundi West, Unexploded Ordnance Program Manager, Montana Dept of Military Affairs and Meghan Burns, GIS Specialist, TREC, Inc., Montana Army National Guard Contractor

Seminar 14
National Map Corps/Volunteer Geographic Information "Structures Updates for Montana"

Presentation Date: December 19, 2013
Presenters: Elizabeth McCartney, U.S. Geological Survey and Michael Fashoway, Structures Framework Steward, Montana State Library

Seminar 15
Using Tilemill and MapBox to Create Interactive Web Maps

Presentation Date: January 16, 2014
Presenter: Josh Gage, Gage Cartographics

Seminar 16
Basic LiDAR Applications and Analysis with ArcGIS 10

Presentation Date:  February 20, 2014
Presenters: Andrew Belski and Selita Ammondt, River Design Group, Inc.

Seminar 17
Trimble TerraFlex – Faster and Smarter Geospatial Data Collection

Presentation Date:  March 20, 2014
Presenter:  Jackson Beighle, Electronic Data Solutions

Seminar 18
No Seminar in April.

Seminar 19
GeoPDF using TerraGoTools

Presentation Date:  May 15, 2014
Presenter:  Michael Bufkin, Chief Solutions Architect, TerraGo Technologies

Seminar 20
3D Elevation Program (3DEP)

Presentation Date:  June 19, 2014
Presenter:  Lance Clampitt, U.S. Geological Survey

Seminar 21
USGS National Map Services/Singletracks.com (Mountain Bike Trail) Use Examples
Presentation Date:  July 17, 2014
Presenters:  Brian Fox, Rick Brown, Rob Dollison (USGS) and Jeff Barber (Singletracks.com)

Seminar 22
Montana CATSPAW - Cadastral Administration through Streamlined Parcel Adjustment Workflows
Presentation Date:  August 21, 2014
Presenter: Stu Kirkpatrick, Montana State Library

Seminar 23
No Seminar in September.

Seminar 24
No Seminar in October.

Seminar 25
ConnectED Initiative and Montana Schools
Presentation Date: November 20, 2014
Presenter: Ken Wall, Geodata Services, Inc.

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