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MAGIP GIS Mentoring

Code of Ethics

Each participant in the MAGIP GIS Mentoring program agrees to the following:
    • Participation – of both parties – is voluntary.  Either party may terminate the rapport if they feel it is not working.  Both parties share responsibility for the smooth winding down and proper ending of their rapport.
    • We will be honest with each other about how the rapport is working.
    • We will respect each other’s time and other responsibilities, ensuring we do not impose beyond what is reasonable.
    • We will meet and communicate in a mutually agreed upon pattern/time frame.
    • We will not make any promises that we cannot keep.
    • We will maintain confidence to the extent possible without violating the law or ethical principles.
    • We will keep in mind our commitment to always act in the best interest of each other.
    • At all times we will operate within the limits of our own competence. We will recognize where that competence has the potential to be exceeded and where necessary refer to a more experienced practitioner.
    • We will avoid any impropriety, or appearance of impropriety.
    • We will be aware of the potential for conflicts of interest of either a commercial or emotional nature to arise through the rapport and deal with them quickly and effectively.
    • We understand that professional responsibilities continue beyond the termination of any mentoring rapport. These include the following:
      • Maintenance of agreed confidentiality of all information
      • Avoidance of any exploitation of the former relationship
      • Completion of any follow-up which has been agreed to
      • Safe and secure maintenance of all related records and data
    • We will never represent the work and views of each other as our own.

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